The daily examen is a simple, daily prayer for peace, gratefulness, and life- change. At Southside we believe that God wants to change us and use changed us to change the world and this prayer is a tool to help us accomplish just that!



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1. Give thanks

Start the daily examen by thanking God for everything that you are grateful for today. Let your thoughts wander as you reflect on all the ways that God has blessed you today. From big things to small things, from the gift of faith to your friends and family, to a great lunch or a safe drive to work, let yourself truly realize the gifts that God has given you.


2. Invite God in

After this you will be looking at the moments in your day where you did or did not act or respond the way you wish you had. That being said, before you do this, invite God into the process so that His spirit can lead and comfort you in this sometimes difficult soul-searching.


3. Review your day

Take an honest look at your entire day, asking God to help you pinpoint moments where you may have succeeded or failed in big or small ways. A deep and honest reflection and review of our experiences and behaviours helps us learn more about ourselves, and improve our future actions. Remember that condemnation and judgement are not from God, and as you ask Him to show you areas where you can improve and grow, you want to continually be reminded of His amazing, unmerited, unconditional love for you.


4. face your shortcomings

As you come face to face with times that you may have fallen short in your day, ask for God’s forgiveness for any sins and grace for any mistakes, and allow yourself to really accept and believe that you are fully forgiven. If there are areas that God is directing you to work on: an emotion, a relationship that needs mending, an apology that needs to be made etc, pray about it, and ask for God’s guidance and strength to resolve it. Ask God to continue to change you so that changed you can change the world.


5. look forward to the day to come

Look forward to and pray about the day to come, knowing that God goes before you and will be with you every step of the way. Envision the things you might do, the people you might see, and the difficulties you might face, and ask God for the wisdom and strength to face the day in a way that shows His love to the world around you. Resolve in concrete ways to live your “tomorrow” well and believe in your heart that the best is yet to come.

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