Jesus modeled a life of service.

Southside has many volunteer teams who serve at our Sunday services and during the week. If you are looking to serve for the first time, there are 6 main areas to get plugged into.

1. Facilities
From set-up to take-down, the facilities teams use their organizational skills and muscle to ensure that we can have church in a mobile location every Sunday.

2. Guest Services
From the Info Desk to Ushers, Greeters to the Coffee Cart, the Hospitality Team helps to create a welcoming environment from the moment you walk through the door until you leave.

3. Production
From operating cameras and soundboards to cuing up graphics, these teams use their media production and skills to make sure that our Sunday services are relevant and memorable. We also can't forget our incredible photography team, who captures the amazing moments that happen every Sunday!

4. KiDS
Our KiDS Team volunteers have a passion to see children hear about Jesus at a level geared just for them!

5. Youth
Our youth leaders and volunteers are fired up about seeing Jesus work in the lives of students from grade 6-12. If you share this passion, the Youth Team is for you!

6. Southside Music

If you play an instrument or sing, we'd love to hear from you! Southside Music is dedicated to bringing the best sound possible as we worship God together as a church, and we're always looking for new musicians to help us do just that.


Bottom Line
If Jesus is your Lord, and Southside is your church, then it's time to get involved! If you have any questions about a particular area of serving, email

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