One of the best ways to get connected at Southside is to sign up on one of our serving teams.  Becoming a Home Team member is a great way to get connected to other great people and to really feel a part of the Southside family.  There are no pre-req’s for most of the serving positions, so even if you are very new to this whole Jesus thing, or even if you aren’t yet a follower of him, we have a spot for you.  Don’t let a busy schedule stop you, we have lots of volunteer positions that easily work around you. If you are looking to serve for the first time, there are 9 main areas to get plugged into.

1. Media

Through our social media platforms, website, and in-service experience, we seek to creatively communicate the hope of Jesus to our city.

2. Guest Services
At Southside we believe that the sermon starts in the parking lot.  Our guest services team is committed to making sure every single person who arrives for one of our Sunday services knows how happy we are that they came, that they belong here, and that we can’t wait for them to come back next Sunday.  If you love people and want to make everyone feel welcome and at home at Southside, we have a spot for you on one of our Guest Services teams!

3. Production
From operating cameras and soundboards to cuing up graphics, these teams use their media production and skills to make sure that our Sunday services are relevant and memorable.

4. KiDS
At Southside we are passionate about reaching the next generation for Jesus and can say with confidence that “your kids are going to LOVE it here!” When you lead and serve in Southside KiDS, you advance the vision of Southside church as, together, we REACH kids, TEACH Jesus on their level, and RELEASE them to continue building their faith foundations on Christ!

5. Youth
We are passionate about reaching the next generation for Jesus. Join a team that will stop at nothing to see the youth in Chilliwack win.

6. Southside Music

We love music at Southside, and we love to use music and song to worship, celebrate God, and point people to the person and hope of Jesus!

7.  Facilities
At Southside, we always have a seat saved for first time guests and the Facilities Teams are the ones who physically make those seats possible Sunday after Sunday. If you have a heart for the essential, behind the scenes work that make our services possible, then the Facilities Team is for you!

8. Small Groups

Southside is “a small church with lots of people” and our Small Groups are what make meaningful connections possible in our growing church!

9. Stewardship

At Southside we believe that we can never out-give God. We give financially out of obedience to a God who gave everything for us, knowing that every dollar we invest in the mission and vision of Southside Church will bring hope into people’s lives.

Bottom Line
If Jesus has changed your life, and Southside is your church, then it's time to get involved! If you have any questions about a particular area of serving, email

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