Small Group Study, September 27th : Week 3

Ice Breaker:  when you were a kid, did you ever look at your parents and say,

“I’m NEVER going to be like that!”, and now you sort of are?  Example?


1.    God often gives us more than WE can handle, but never more than He can handle.  Discuss.

2.    Read Numbers 13:17-33.

     a.    2 spies saw grapes.  10 saw giants. Discuss.
     b.    You and I were born to be BOLD.  What are the reasons we chicken out?

3.    God’s power is personal:
     a.    After EVERYTHING God had done for the Israelites, they still lacked the faith to take the land He had promised.  
       i.    Imagine being Caleb and Joshua.  What arguments would you have given to the people to convince them to take the                   land?
     b.    What has God done for you?
       i.    Did He deliver you from bondage?
       ii.    Did He save you through the blood of a pure, spotless lamb?
       iii.    Did He set you free?
       iv.    Now, what’s He calling you to in the are of:
              1.    Your marriage.
              2.    Your family.
              3.    Your career.
              4.    Your dating relationships (if you’re single )
              5.    Your giving to BOLD.

He’s never failed, do you think He’ll start now?

4.    God’s power is present:
     a.    Read 2 Kings 6: 15-17.
       i.    What is the most common command in the Bible?
             1.    Why do you think that is?
             2.    Are you bold, or scared when it comes to taking God at His promises.
             3.    Really important….why does Elisha not pray for God to help them?  Instead He asks God to open Gehazi’s eyes.                           Why?
             4.    What areas of your life do you need to have your spiritual eyes opened?
             5.    Do you believe you were created to survive the world or change it?



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