Small Group Study, September 20th : Week 2


Ice Breaker:  Did you have “old school” parents?  Give a few examples to back up your answer. 


  1. In Exodus 6, God makes seven “I will” promises for Moses to pass onto God’s people.

    1. I will bring you out of oppression.  

    2. I will set you free. 

    3. I will redeem you.

    4. I will take you as My people. 

    5. I will be your God. 

    6. I will bring you to the land I promised. 

    7. I will give you the land as your possession.  


a. Explain those seven as they apply to the story of the exodus. 

b. God still makes those seven promises to His people.  How have the played out in your life? 

c. Just like God sent Moses out to tell His people the seven “I wills”, how did Jesus send us out in Matthew            28:18-20? 


2. “When we step up, and don’t give up, God shows up”.  When we step up, doing EVERYTHING we can do, then      God shows up, to do what ONLY He can do… does that relate to this BOLD campaign? 


3. To overcome adversity in the months to come, I suggest we remember these three things:   

     i. There is only one you.

       a. God take our ordinary and makes it extraordinary.  Discuss in light of Exodus 4:1-5.  

       b. Does Philippians 4:13 really apply to you and me? 

       c. In this BOLD campaign, we don’t all have the same capacity to give, but we all have the same capacity to          BOLDLY sacrifice.  Discuss. 


     ii. There is only one Saviour! 

       a. Read Exodus 12: 21-23. What was the Passover lamb? What was its purpose? 

       b. Read John 1:29.  Why would John the Baptist draw this parallel? 

           -  How has Jesus been the Lamb of God for you? 

       c. Revelation 12: 10-12.  Who wins?  Why?  What is your testimony? 


     iii. So, in Joshua 1:9, God says to Joshua be BOLD and strong, banish fear and doubt, for REMEMBER, the                Lord your God is with you, wherever you go. 

       a. What is God telling Joshua to remember?  Do you think the exodus would be a big part of it? 

     iv. What should we as a church be remembering regarding God’s faithfulness? :

- In the last three years 841 people have committed their lives to Christ…..remember, we talked about it last week, the rebels, the write offs, the so-called unreachable…. 

- In the last five years 413 people have been baptized. 

- We have seen Southside KiDS grow to a weekly attendance of 200. 

- Southside Youth has grown to a weekly attendance of 140. 

- Southside Interns has launched, with 28 young adults completing the program in the first two years alone! 

- While many churches in North America have “lost” the young adult demographic, almost half of our weekly attendance is made up of young men and women between the ages of 18-30! 

- 7599 people around the world from 70 countries are watching our sermons online.  


4. He’s never failed….He won’t start now.  Discuss. 

5. As a church, are we called to play “offense” or “defense”?  Discuss in light of Matthew 16:18.


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