Uprising - Part 4

September 29 - Group Study Guide

Ice Breaker:  Does criticism or encouragement come more easily to you? Think of the last three sincere encouragements you’ve given to someone.  Share them with the group.

1.      What was the Message of the early church?  (See Matthew 9:9-13)

2.      What was the Method of the early church?  (See John 12:30-33)

3.      What was the Morality of the early church?  (See Acts 2: 44-45)

4.      When Jesus entered human history and established the church, He ushered in a REVOLUTIONARY concept called EQUALITY.  Discuss in light of:

          i.      Orphanages

         ii.      Schools

        iii.      Hospitals

        iv.      Bible Translation

Read 1 Peter 2:9.  Assume this verse is talking about you. 

5.      What does this truth mean to the life you live and the purpose you have?

The rest of this small group study is based on Acts 4: 1-20.

6.      Describe the qualities of the men and women who led the early church (hint: Peter and John were two of them!)

a.      What was the only thing that qualified men like Peter and John to lead a movement that would change the world?  (See Acts 4:13)

7.      Why did the power brokers of Jewish culture see the Jesus Movement (the church) as a threat?  (See Acts 4:12)

8.      Why would it have been really intimidating for Peter and John to be called to the Jewish Council?  (See Acts 4:5-7)

9.      Is Southside a church where crazy mother bleepers can meet Jesus?  If so, why?  If not, how can we do better?

10.  Are you changing?  How is Jesus using your life to speak to the people around you?  Are there specific areas of your life today that you need God to change? Discuss.

11. Because of the cross and the empty tomb, what defeated you doesn’t have to define you.  Discuss.

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