Uprising - Part 3

September 22 - Group Study Guide

Ice breaker: What was your first car? Where is it now?

1.      What is a simplified meaning of morality?

a.      How did Jesus change the concept of morality?

2.      Mathetes explained the morality of the early church this way:  “We share our table with all, but we do not share our bed with all.” What did he mean?

Read 1 Timothy 6:17-19

3.      Who do you know who is rich?

4.      Discuss this statement:  “I will live simply so others can simply live” in regards to generosity.

5.      Have you seen people become arrogant because of fame or fortune?  What were some of the consequences of this arrogance? How can we keep from becoming arrogant?

6.      When you place your hope in something, it means making that thing the central pursuit of your life.  How does what you place your hope in determine how you live your life?

7.      How is life different if you place your hope in money as compared to God?

Read Psalm 24: 1-2. 

8.      Who gave you everything you have?

                i.      How does this reality change the whole generosity discussion?

               ii.      The question isn’t how can I trust God with MY money. The question is how can God trust me with HIS money.  Discuss.

9.      “When you let go of money, money starts letting go of you”.  How does this truth play out in real life?

10. When you tithe, you are saying, “God, 90% with Your blessing is better than 100% without it”.  Explain.

11. We give to the church because the greatest, most pressing need in our world   today is a spiritual one.  Discuss.

12. One day you and I are going to die.  We should handle our finances today in light of THAT day, when we will give an account to God for everything He has entrusted us with.  Discuss.

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