The Rest of the Story - Part 1

Small Group Study, October 25th

Ice Breaker:  What is one thing that people in here might not know about you….what is the “rest of your story”??

1.     Two keys to taking possession of God’s promise.  Taking hold of our inheritance:

                                               i.     Get past our past.

                                             ii.     Get into His presence


2.     Read Matthew 1:5 – the genealogy of Jesus.  Who is Rahab (See Joshua 2: 1-18)

a.     Why do you think God made sure Rahab was mentioned in Matthew 1?

b.    What was the “symbol of her salvation”?

c.     What does the scarlet cord represent to Christians?


3.     Through the death of Jesus, God wants to bring us “past our past”.

a.     God wants to ELEVATE you.

 i.     Above the sins and shame of your past.  Discuss in light of Psalm 103:12.

 ii.     Above the ruts that your family has been rolling in for generations.  Discuss in light of 2 Corinthians 5:17.

 iii.     Above the ugliness of your upbringing (God wants to adopt you!!!!).  Discuss in light of Galatians 3: 26; 4:6.  (Incidentally, why does Paul make a point of saying that BOTH men and women are adopted as sons????)

b.    God wants to CELEBRATE you.

                                               i.     God’s crazy about you, you know.  Discuss in light of Zeph. 3:17.

c.     God wants to DELEGATE you.

                                               i.     God changed Rahab’s story.

                                             ii.     Then He changes her family’s story.

                                            iii.     Then He used her story to change history….

                                            iv.     The same is true for you.  Discuss in light of Ephesians 2:10


4.     So, to take hold of our inheritance, we must move past our past, and INTO His presence.

a.     In 1400 BC, Joshua has a face to face encounter with Jesus.  Read about it in Joshua 5:13-15.

b.    What is Joshua’s response to Jesus?

c.     True strength comes when we ask Jesus to be our Saviour AND our Lord.

d.    God doesn’t want us humiliated, but He DOES want us humble.  Discuss in light of James 4:6

e.     God is the source of our strength.  Discuss in light of Phil. 4:13.

f.      He is the basis of our BOLDness.  See Joshua 1:9.

g.    He is the foundation of our faith.  Discuss in light of 1 Corinthians 15:17-22.



Who are you inviting to church next week to hear about HOPE?



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