Ask Anything

Small Group Study October 27

Ice Breaker:  What is the lamest tattoo you’ve ever seen?  If you were going to get a tattoo (or another one) what would it be?

1.      What does 1 Samuel 16:7 have to do with a Christian having a tattoo?

a.      What are some considerations that you should make before you get a tattoo?

2.      What does Romans 13:1-2 say about smoking weed?

3.      James 1: 2-5 talks about FACING trials.  How does getting stoned in order to escape/avoid challenges and troubles contradict this passage?

4.      How is getting loaded with alcohol different than getting stoned? 

5.      What are some warning signs that alcohol is not for you?

6.      Would you be willing to give up alcohol if it caused other people to stumble?

7.      An eating disorder is a mental illness, yet there are some who think that because they have a mental illness, they are second class Christians.  Why do you think this is the case? 

8.      Pastor Mike talked about his reasons for believing in God:

a.      He watched God change his dad. 

             i.      Have you seen God change people around you?  Did it build your faith?

b.     He found himself longing for something this world couldn’t satisfy, so he realized he was made for more than this world.

            i.      Have you come to that place in your life?

c.      He knew that only Jesus could resolve his past, present and future.

            i.      How does Jesus do this?

           ii.      Has He done that for you? Discuss.

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