Seven Ducks in a Muddy Pond

Small Group Study, November 15th


Ice Breaker:  Have you ever got advice that seemed really stupid, but worked out in the end?  Give an example.  Have you ever GIVEN advice that you knew sounded stupid, but would have worked out if the person had followed it?  Tell the story!


 Read all of 2 Kings 5 together.

Three people in the story who we can learn from:

 i.      Naaman tried to fool the world.  “Do you know who I am?”

1.      Naaman was a big deal.  How?

2.      Why would Elisha’s treatment of Naaman been very unexpected?

3.      Why do you think Naaman found Elisha’s directive so offensive?

4.      How did Naaman’s servant convince him to go dunk himself in the Jordan river after all?

5.      Imagine the scene at the river. What was the symbolism of Naaman:

a.      Getting out of his chariot.

b.     Taking off his armour

c.      Taking off his medals

d.     Getting naked

6.      It turns out God knew EXACTLY who Naaman was.  How was the “real” Naaman different from the         “public” Naaman?

7.      Are you a big deal?  Are there people in your life who do whatever you tell them to do and who             think you’re “the man” or you’re “the woman”.

a.      If so, how does the real you compare with the public you?

 Ii.      Gehazi tried to fool himself.  “DO YOU KNOW who you are gehazi?”

1.      Why does Gehazi chase down Naaman?

2.      Why does Gehazi SAY he was chasing down Naaman?

3.      Gehazi had spent most of his life in the PROXIMITY of God’s power, but he never made it personal.       He didn’t trust God.  How can you see that in this story?

4.      Do you Proverbs 3:5-6?  (no, that is not a typo)

a.      The Bible says if you trust in God with ALL your heart, He will direct your path.  So, is God bigger than your:

 i.      Worry

 ii.      Fear

iii.      Regret

 iv.      Shame

v.      Lust

 vi.      Selfishness

 vii.      Greed

b.     Discuss this quote for your own life:

"Christianity hasn’t been tried and found wanting.  Its been found difficult and not tried."


 I.      the servant girl wasn't trying to fool anyone.  she knew exactly who she was... A difference Maker.

1.      She’s the hero of the story.  Why?

2.      Do you think that there is a chance that God can use you right where you’re at, even if life hasn’t worked out for you exactly how you wished it would have?

a.      Your family?

b.     Your friends?

c.      Your job?

d.     Your school?

e.      Your neighborhood?


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