Jack in the Box Week 4

Ice Breaker: Try to remember one time you’ve spoke life and hope to someone. Is there a time you spoke despair instead? Have you apologized?

1. In Genesis chapter 2, Adam and Eve were naked and unashamed. In Genesis chapter 3, they were naked and ashamed. What happened?

2. Three ways to win the battle with insecurity:
     a. Be careful what you hear.
          i. Satan is crafty. He spoke to Eve disguised as a serpent. What disguises has he used to speak insecurity,
             insufficiency, shame and inadequacy into your life?
        ii. What does Jesus call the devil in John 8:44? How has he used people and situations in your life to lie to you?
       iii. If you do not become who you were created to be, it will be because of lies you have believed.  Discuss.
       iv. One of the reasons church attendance is SO important is because it is a place we go to hear the TRUTH.  Do you
           make church a priority for you and your family?
        v. Do you have friends who speak life and hope and encouragement to you? Are you a friend who speaks life and            hope and encouragement?

     b. Be careful what you think.
          i. Eve started to run into trouble in the Garden of Eden when she started thinking, “God’s holding out on us”. 
         ii. You can’t always control what you hear, but you CAN control what you think about. Give some examples of
            thought patterns you’d like to change in your life.
        iii. You were created on purpose, with a purpose and for a purpose…do you think about that daily?
        iv. You are loved with an everlasting love. Do you dwell on that?
        v. What is the battlefield of the mind?
       vi. You need to think about what you think about. Are you happy with it?
      vii.Humans think about 60,000 thoughts per day. 48,000 of them are negative. Do you think that is accurate for you?
     viii. Discuss Philippians 4:8-9. Are you good at this?

c. Be careful what you believe.
          i. What is the answer to Genesis 3:11?
         ii. Who are you believing in your life right now?
        iii. Read Revelation 3: 18-19. What could you possibly give God to buy something from Him?  What do you have
            that He doesn’t?
        iv. Who are you going to believe? The father of lies, or the God of Truth who says in Joshua 1:9:
            Be bold and strong! Banish fear and doubt! For remember the LORD, YOUR GOD is with you,
            WHEREVER you go!!



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