Unbreakable Part 2

May 26 - Group Study Guide

Ice Breaker:  When you meet someone new, can you usually tell where they’re from? How?

God’s plan is for His power to play out in the lives of His people so they can step into His promise.


1.     How do we convert God’s power into strength?

2.     God always gives us power with a purpose?  Why? Give some examples.

3.      What happens to power when it is without purpose?

Read Joshua 1: 1-10.

4.     “I will give you every place where you set your foot”.  Discuss. 

5.     Why does God say to Joshua three times: “Be strong and courageous”?  Do you need to take that promise to heart in your life?  Explain.

On Sunday, Pastor Mike talked about 4 things you need to do in order to be prepared to step into God’s promise and purpose in your life:

1.     Before you take possession of God’s promise, you’re going to have to give Him your life.

Read Ephesians 1:13:  When do we receive God’s power (the promised Holy Spirit)?

Hint: “You will step into God’s purpose for your life in exact proportion to your level of surrender”.

2.     Before God chose you to DO something special, He chose you to BE something special.

Do you think we spend too much time worrying about “what we do” instead of focusing on “who we are”?  Discuss.

Read Matthew 3: 16-17.  What did God say about Jesus as He came up out of the water? (Remember, this is before Jesus performed a SINGLE miracle). What does this passage tell us about what matters most to God (“who we are” or “what we do”)?  Are you living in light of this truth? Discuss.

3.     Before I find my purpose I must look to God’s plan.

Read John 17:1-5.  Looking at Jesus’s prayer, how did He bring glory to God?  What does this passage tell us about how our lives will or will not bring glory to God?

What work has God given you to do? What next step might He be calling you to so that your life brings glory to Him (which is the purpose of our lives as Christians).

4.     Before it all fell apart, God had a plan to put it back together.

Joshua was one of the two faith-filled spies.  Discuss what it must have been like to lead God’s people into the Promised Land after 37 YEARS of waiting.

Have you give up on people, on situations, on yourself?  What does the story of Joshua teach us about this?  Are there situations in your life right now where God is saying to you not to give up but instead be “faith-filled” like Joshua was?

End the night with prayer.

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