Long Shot – Week 3
Small Group Study

Ice Breaker:  Greatest underdog victory you’ve ever seen?

1. Four reminders from week one of this series. Discuss them using personal examples if possible:

a. God gives you the means for your mission.  “If I called you to it, I’ll get you through it!”
b. God notices the unnoticed. The least visible is often the most valuable.
c. God empowers the everyday. Just do what you do and remember, the separation is in the preparation.
d. You are pre-approved. Imagine your life if you really understood that you have nothing to prove and only One to please.

2. Three lessons from week two of this series. Discuss:

a. Winning takes work – God put gifts IN us, and our responsibility is to work them OUT.
b. Winning takes weird – you’re a winning combination….like French Toast and ketchup
c. Winning takes waves – with God, even our setbacks can be set UPS for Him to show up and show off in our lives.

3. Three obstacles to overcoming the odds:

a. Accusation.

i. What does Eliab accuse David of in 1 Samuel 17:28?
ii. Who is your accuser, according to Revelation 12:10?
iii. God shows us our sin to CHANGE us, the devil shows us our sin to SHAME us.  Discuss.
iv. God shows us our sin to lift us up. Why does Satan show us our sin?
v. Do you have any Eliabs in your life?
vi. David shows us the best response to a constant accuser in 1 Samuel 17:30.  
vii. How can you turn away from the accusers around you?
viii. How can you turn away from THE accuser, the devil? 

b. Assessment:

i. What did the “tale of the tape” say in the battle of David and Goliath?
ii. 1 Samuel 17:33:  “You’re not able.  You’re only.”  Do you struggle with assessment?
iii. Verse 37: How does David handle assessment?

c. Approach:

i. Three types of soldiers at this time:

i. Calvary
ii. Infantry                                                                                          
Projectile warriors.

ii. Which was David?   Goliath?
iii. In a battle between a slinger and a swordsman, what must the slinger do?
iv. Are there areas in your life, even though you love God, where you’re not using a wise approach?  Discuss.


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