Unbreakable Part 2

May 26 - Group Study Guide

Ice Breaker: Think of a time that you accomplished something you never thought you could, or a time that you were afraid to do something but you did it anyway.

God’s plan is that His power would play out in the lives of His people so they can step into His promise.

Read Numbers 13: 17-33

1. What were the 10 spies scared of?

2. Why were Joshua and Caleb so sure that God’s people could take possession of the land?
Three things you and I need to know about God’s power:

God’s power is personal. God’s power is potential. God’s power is plenty.

3. Would the Israelites (who God led out of slavery in Egypt) have any doubt that God was powerful? But the ten scared spies couldn’t make that power personal. Discuss.

4. Sometimes it’s a lot easier for us to see God as generically great than personally great. Why do you think that is?

5. All the ten scared spies talked about was the giants; their fear and insecurity stalled the people of Israel on the edge of the promised land.  Have you ever allowed fear to keep you from stepping into God’s promise for your life?

God is not just generically great.  He wants to be great in your life.  He’s not just generally good.  He wants to be good in your life.  His plan is that His power would play out in your life so you can step into His promise.  He has a plan for YOU.  He has a purpose for YOU. His power is personal.  Discuss.

God’s power is potential.

6. God’s power in our lives is only potential until we convert it into strength with faith and action.  How have you seen that play out in your life or the lives of those around you?

Read Ephesians 1: 17-23
The Apostle Paul prays for all God’s people (including you and me).
7. Why doesn’t he pray that God would be more powerful?  Why doesn’t he pray that he (Paul) would preach with more power?  Why doesn’t he pray that God would give you more power?

8. Do you believe it’s true that you already have all the power you need to face whatever you have to face in this life?

The Israelites stopped dead on the outskirts of God’s promise because they wouldn't step in.

9. Have you ever stalled out in your Christian life because you wouldn't take the next step?

Pastor Mike talked about how he and his buddy used to hate seeing “old” women driving sports cars because they thought:
                        She has no idea what that car will do!
                        She is wasting the potential greatness of that car!

10. If you’re not converting God’s power into strength through faith and action, is it possible that you have no idea what your life could be?  That you have no idea of the greatness of your calling?  Discuss.

God’s power is plenty.

Remember the story pastor Mike told of Derek, the kid who beat up his bully in grade 10?  That day his perspective on his power was enlightened.  He realized he didn’t need to be bullied anymore.

11. What are the things in your life today that are “bullying” you?  Is right now a good time to claim God’s power over whatever is defeating you?  What steps do you need to take to start doing that today?

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