Long Shot – Week 2

Ice Breaker:  French Toast with ketchup. Yes or no?

1.     Discuss the four reminders from week one of this series:

a.     God will give you the means for your mission (If I brought you to it, I’ll bring you through it!).
b.    God notices the unnoticed. (What is least visible is sometimes most valuable)
c.     God empowers the everyday. (Just do what you do and remember the separation is in the preparation).
d.    You’re pre-approved. (How would your life change if you really grasped that you have NOTHING to prove and only ONE to please?)

2.     You were born to win. Discuss in light of 1 Cor. 15:57.

3.     Three ways to win:

a.     Winning takes work

i.     David had mad harp skills. Why?
ii.     Have you ever met a naturally gifted person who fell short? Why?
iii.     Is there something in your life that you need to work at harder than you are?
iv.     Can you think of a time when hard work paid off for you?
v.     What does Colossians 3:17 say about the attitude we need to carry?

b.    Winning takes weird

 i.     David was a harpist and a warrior. Is that weird?
ii.     How are you weird? Do you have unusual character/gifting combinations?
iii.     Ephesians 2:10 says, “You are God’s masterpiece” (NLT). It DOES NOT say, “You are God’s mass produced product”. What’s the difference?

c.     Winning takes waves

i.     David was sort of ignored and overlooked and counted out by his family, so he was used to it.  How did that prepare him for Goliath?
ii.     How did Churchill’s struggles prepare him for Hitler?
iii.     Romans 8:28 says God doesn’t waste an experience. Discuss.


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