My Story - Week 2
Small Group Study  


Ice Breaker:  What is your most memorable birthday? Why?

1. Three questions from last week’s sermon:
     a. Are you moving towards God, or away from Him?  Psalm 16 says in His presence is “fullness of joy”, so it’s a big
         deal….are you moving toward God or away from Him?
     b. Are the people in your boat better off because you’re in it?
     c. Do you trust that if you’re obedient, God’s got outstanding?  Read Jonah 3:4 if you want proof!!!!!!

2. Four obstacles to a life of significance:
     a. Age.
          i. How old was Daniel when he was exiled to Babylon?
         ii. Why did Hitler have the Hitler youth and Mao have the Red Guards and Saddam have the “lion cubs” and Mussolini
             have the “sons of the she-wolf ”?
        iii. Discuss 1 Timothy 4:12. How does each part of this apply to the young men and women of our church?
     b. Adversity.
          i. Would it be fair to say Daniel faced adversity in his life?  Discuss in light of Daniel, chapter 1, verses 1-17.
         ii. When dealing with adversity, you can always ask one of two questions: What if (what if that hadn’t happened? What if
             life was easier? What if I didn’t have to deal with this?) or what now? God’s plan is that we would ask, “What now?”. 
             Is that what you do?
        iii. Read Romans 8:28. Discuss. Was it true for Daniel? Could it be true for you?

     c. Affluence?

          i. God can seem distant, and sometimes the Temptation of the temporal and the Threat of non-conformity make it easier
             to give in to the culture than stand for God.  
         ii. What was the example from Daniel’s life?
        iii. Can you think of an example from your life?
               1. Read Jesus’ words in Matthew 6:31-33. How have you seen this play out in your life?

     d. Age:
          i. How old was Daniel when he was thrown into the lions’ den?
         ii. Daniel 6:10 says:

               Now when Daniel learned that the decree had been published, he went home to his upstairs room where the
               windows opened toward Jerusalem. Three times a day he got down on his knees and prayed, giving thanks to his
               God, just as he had done before

Don’t let ANYONE, not even you, look down on you because you’re “oldish”. What is the power in those last six words?

        iii. Can you think of some reasons why older people are so important to a church like Southside?

3. Who are you inviting to Easter?







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