A Fathers’ Unconditional Love By Pastor Sarah McCracken

Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love,
    for I have put my trust in you.
Show me the way I should go,
    for to you I entrust my life. (Psalm 143:8)


Do you love to be needed or do you need to be loved? God designed us to need to be in a perfect loving relationship with Him.

I can totally connect with the idea of a God who knows me, who made me, who hears me but a God who is in love with me? A God who is crazy about me… no matter what? But that’s the greatest story ever told! Our Father is relentlessly in pursuit of His children.

Max Lucado’s words paint such a clear picture of God’s unfailing love for us. “If there is anything stopping you from believing God loves you, now is the time to let it go. Surrender it. You have that choice. It doesn’t matter what has happened in your past there is nothing you have done or can ever do that will stop God from loving you. Breathe in his grace and breathe out anything that has held you back from accepting his unconditional love for you.”

Unconditional love – sounds so nice, but has been so hard for me to accept. I really want to be a consistent mom, a kind wife, a wise leader, a loyal friend… the list is long and none of it causes God to love me more! He chose to love me. When I pursue God and the next steps He has for me, well that’s when I am able to accept His love for me.

Is there anything stopping you from believing that God loves you? Speak it out loud and give it to God. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that God loves you NO MATTER WHAT! I know this may feel weird at first and is something I’ve done for years. We believe what we speak.

Prayer: God I pray that I would be reminded of your unfailing love this morning. I choose to put my trust in you, and I need your help. Open my eyes to the way I should go today, that my next steps would be clear. I surrender my life to you today. Thank you for your unconditional love. Amen.


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