Long-Term Lent By Pastor Brock Adams

Lent is a great opportunity to sacrifice something in order to focus more on Jesus and prepare our hearts for Easter. What if we decided to “lent” more than just one time a year? What if we “lented” all year long?

…and immediately they left the boat and their

father and followed him. (Matthew 4:22)

The first disciples had guts. Jesus asked them to follow Him. In this case they left their careers, family inheritance, personal plans/dreams, family and friends behind to follow Jesus. That is sacrifice. It is no wonder after giving up so much for Jesus that they were so tight with Him and made such a difference with their lives.

What would happen if we looked to lent/sacrifice things not just before Easter but all year round? What would happen to us spiritually if we sacrificed anything that got in the way of us following Jesus completely?

Jesus sacrificed His life so we could be saved. What can we sacrifice so He can become more of a priority in our lives?

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