Wounded Eagle By Pastor Mike Mannes


When someone becomes a Christian, he becomes a brand new person inside. He is not the same anymore. A new life has begun! (2 Corinthians 5:17)


For years I struggled with insecurities from my past.  One day, when I was going through an especially hard time, my wife Corinne wrote me this poem.  It encouraged me so much and I hope it encourages you today:


wounded eagle


do you see your beauty, wounded eagle?

do you know the times I’ve watched in awe as you soar

held aloft by the wind

and your wings


eyes of strength

piercing and black

knowing much


how do you see the grass move from such height?

how can you see it on the open plain?

it goes unnoticed by others

but you see


so strong you are and beautiful

you were made for the sky

to soar to dive

to see from high on the face of your mountain


yet here you are on the ground

your ‘wing trails like a banner in defeat

no more to use the sky for ever

but live with famine and pain a few days.

he is strong and pain is worse to the strong

incapacity is worse’


you are vulnerable in this place

there are enemies who can touch you now


in your soul are the seeds of greatness

of glory of honor

but here you are, majestic eagle

huge in your helplessness

talons and beak useless without wings

unaccustomed to the shade of trees and the damp of earth and the fear that comes in the dark


the wind that yesterday lifted you

is wind from the earth

the breath of your ancestors

the vapors from the mouths of the voices inside you


but there is a new wind coming

a new voice will lift you

it is a warm wind fierce and terrible

it is a warm wind soft and beautiful

this wind will create you in its own image


tomorrow you will run and not grow weary

tomorrow you will walk and not faint

tomorrow you will soar

my wounded eagle

tomorrow there will be a new scent on the wind


God created you to “rise up on eagle’s wings”. I’m not sure where you’ve been, or what you’ve done.  I’m not sure what you’ve said, or what’s been said to you, but I know this, God is calling you up and out of your painful past.  Our Saviour, Jesus Christ, died and rose again, and through Him, we can rise on a new wind!

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