Everyday Obedience By Pastor Sarah McCracken

No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God. (Luke 9:62)

For Jesus, not only the journey required a diligent focus, so did the ultimate goal—a horrible death by crucifixion on a cross. Jesus removed any doubt about the difficulties of the journey by telling someone who wanted to follow him that this meant no rest and no bed. He told someone else that following him meant sacrificing time with his grieving family. Would you follow Jesus under those conditions?

Last year us McCrackens planned a big trip to visit our family in Australia. It took planning, time off work, missed school for the kids and saving our money.  Complaining about the cost to our time and wallets once we were in the air would have been pointless. Similarly, it’s only natural for Jesus to tell his disciples at the beginning of their journey to Jerusalem what it would cost them.

Of course, it’s a high and demanding price—and Jesus makes all the decisions. You don’t get to choose accommodations or to take time off for family obligations. You must simply follow Jesus, on his terms.

The cost of following Jesus means dying to our own desires and placing him ahead of everything else: comfort, family, friends, career, ideals—even our life on this earth. Only when we have unburdened ourselves of all earthly concerns will we be fit to follow and serve Jesus.

Paul and I schedule our week around church, not church around our week. We tithe no matter what extra expenses come in. We talk to Portia and Jed about the truths in the Bible and how God is working in our lives. Not always easy, but ALWAYS worth the sacrifice.  We get it wrong so often and yet God continues to call us forward.

Take some time to assess your weekly schedule. How can you adjust to make the sacrifices God is calling you to?

Is there something you need to stop or start in order to choose God’s plan for you?


Prayer: Thank you, Lord, for leading in the cost of the journey, and for paying the price for us with your own life. Help us to willingly serve you. Amen

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