Catch Me When I Fall By Pastor Dave Poole

If we are faithless, He remains faithful, for He cannot deny Himself. (2 Timothy 2:13)

I am often encouraged by the actions of the 12 disciples in the Bible. Obviously, they were great men of faith and paid a great price for it, but what I am most encouraged by is the examples of their LACK of faith. These are men who lived with Jesus and experienced His miracles first hand, and yet they experienced times of doubt as well. It’s encouraging because I am not perfect, and even though God has been so faithful to me, there are times that I catch myself doubting something in my life or worrying about my future.

As a young man, before I was married to my wife Becky, I left home to work in the oil and gas industry in Northern Alberta so that I could get a head start in providing for my future family. For most of my time up there I was a Derrickhand, meaning that one of my responsibilities was working 150 feet in the air on the top of a metal lighting rod sticking out from the prairie skyline. Working that high in the air on a small platform, called a monkey board (which I’m pretty sure was because you had to have the balance and agility of a monkey to work up there) safety was important. While you worked at this height you were required to wear a harness and attach yourself to two safety lines. One was a retracting lanyard that hung from high above you and kept you from falling down, and the other was a rope that attached to your back to keep you from walking off the end of the monkey board.

I had a healthy respect for gravity and often, even though I knew I had hooked myself up to both systems, I would reach up and make sure the ropes were still attached. Then one day it happened. On a cold winter Alberta night, I fell. It is amazing how fast you are able to process things in an emergency. As I began to fall all I could think about was that I hadn’t checked my ropes in a while and I honestly couldn’t remember if I had remembered to hook myself up. The doubt rushed through my body like an explosion until I felt the jolt as the safety mechanisms engaged and stopped my descent.

That story reminds me of our faith sometimes. Like the safety system, God’s faithfulness is always there, even when we can’t feel it or remember it’s presence, it is always there.

God is faithful to His people. Even when we are busy with our lives and neglect to spend time with Him, He is there and He is good.

Why is it that we seem to only reach out to God in times of despair?

As you prepare for Easter, write down a couple of practical ways that you can include God in your day whether it’s going well or not.

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