Small Group Study

HE iS – June 29 - Week one

Ice breaker: What is your favorite junk food? Can you stop after just one?

1. The first three of the four New Testament gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke) are “synoptic”. What does that mean?

2. The fourth of the four NT gospels is the gospel of John. What is the main purpose of John’s gospel?  See John 20:31.

Jesus made seven “I am” statements which John recorded in his gospel:

1. I am the Bread of Life. Read John 6:35. 

 a. Unlike money, unlike food, unlike popularity, Jesus promised to finally, fully satisfy. Discuss.

2. I am the Light of the world. Read John 8:12.

a. When people say they’re scared of the dark, what are they ACTUALLY afraid of?

i. In an uncertain world, Jesus says our:

1. Identity is certain. (See Ephesians 1:5). Discuss.

2. Purpose is certain. (See Proverbs 3: 5-6). Discuss.

3. Eternity is certain. (See John 14:2). Discuss.

3. I am the Gate for the sheep. (John 10:7). 

 a. Read Psalm 23 verses 1-4. Jesus is the gate through which we find what?

4. I am the Good Shepherd. (John 10:11)

a. In a world of undependable people, you can depend on Jesus. How does the picture of a good shepherd convey that?

5. I am the Resurrection and the Life. (John 11:25)

a. "Neither in the hearts of men nor in the manners of society will there be a lasting peace until we outlaw death." – Albert Camus.

i. How did Jesus outlaw death?

6. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.

a. A sinner is one separated from God. How does Jesus save sinners?

b. Because of Jesus, while we are afraid of dying, we don’t’ have to fear death. Why?

7. I am the Vine. (John 15:5)

a. Through Jesus, we are connected to Him and each other because we can’t make it on our own. Discuss.

b. How has God changed you and strengthened you?

c. How has God used others to change and strengthen you?

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