Small Group Study
June 8

Ice Breaker:  Has God encouraged you during this Long Shot series?  How? Share with the group.

1.    Discuss Judges 6:12
2.    Three reminders to end the series:
     i.    There is a battle:
          1.    Discuss in light of 1 Peter 5:8
               a.    Why does the devil hate you?
               b.    What is one primary means the devil uses to try to destroy you, according to this title given to
                      him in Matthew 4:3.
               c.    Ever find that Matthew 6:33 is a lot easier to quote than to live? Discuss.
               d.    The devil uses temptation to try to get you to put something in front of God in your life—to get
                      you to leave God’s blessing, protection and provision. What is the one area in your life where
                      you feel tempted to move God to second place.
          2.    What were the Israelites chasing in 1150 BC when they worshipped:
               a.    Baal?
               b.    Asherah?
          3.    Is God first in your finances?  Do you tithe?  Have you found God faithful?
          4.    What is God’s plan for sex?

     ii.    You’re in it.
          1.    The devil wants to lie to you and have you believe that the spiritual battle raging in this world
                doesn’t apply to you.  Has that happened to you before?
               a.    Heaven and hell are real, eternity is a long time and Jesus saves.  Discuss.
          2.    Multiple choice.  Jesus said in Matthew 16, “I will build My church and:
               a.    We will cater to the convinced
               b.    We will keep everyone comfortable.
               c.    We will focus on outsiders.
               d.    The gates of hell won’t stand against it.
          3.    Why is the answer to #2 a big deal in terms of how we “do” church?

     iii.    You’re in it to win it.
          1.    If the devil can’t take you out through temptation, level you with his lies, he will look to attack you
                with accusation and convince you that someone like you could never make a difference.
               a.    It’s a load of garbage meant to take you out of the battle, but it can be so tempting to fall victim
                      to that lie.  Discuss.


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