Ice Breaker:  What is a lesson you had to learn, “the hard way”?

1.    This series is called, “I like to believe things that are true, don’t you?”, but sometimes the truth can be hard to hear.          Discuss in light of:
     i.    Great results require great effort.
     ii.    You DO look fat in those jeans.
     iii.    The speed limit is to save your life, not ruin it.

2.    Jesus promised, in John 8, that the truth will set us free. How so?

3.    Three things that AREN’T true about marriage:

   a.    Its  trivial.
     i.    Define covenant from Genesis 15.
            1.    The “covenant walk” said, “If I break this promise…….”.
    ii.    Jesus is the ultimate fulfillment of the Genesis 15 covenant.  How so?
    iii.    Of all the relationships God could have chosen to illustrate the relationship between Jesus and the people He died for,              God used marriage.

   b.    Its trial and error.
     i.    What does, “until death do us part” mean?  (hint:  this is not a trick question).
          1.    How have we watered that down in some marriage vows?
     ii.    Read Eccl. 5: 3-4 and apply it to marriage.
          1.    Should you be “picky” about who you marry according to that passage?  How so?

  c.    Its a lost cause:
     i.    You need to be a sore loser in marriage:
        1.    Stack the teams and invite Jesus into your marriage.  Why?
2.    Run up the score:
  a.    Personally.  How?
  b.    Relationally.  How?
    i.    What are you doing RIGHT now to LIGHT UP your marriage relationship?

4.    Three things that AREN’T true about divorce:

   a.    Its no big deal:
     i.    Marriage is a covenant.  Breaking it is a big deal. Discuss.
     ii.    Why do kids not believe parents who say, “Its no one’s fault”?
        1.    Why would an apology from a parent be such a blessing for a child of divorce?

   b.    It’s a foregone conclusion:
     i.    Why not, according to 2 Cor. 5:17?

   c.    It’s the unforgivable sin.
     i.    God is a God of today.  If your divorce is in the past, what are the next steps you can take today to move forward with                your life.
       1.    A failure is an event.  Its NOT a person. Discuss.

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