Small Group Study
July 27th

Ice Breaker:  Yo Vanilla, did you ever steal anything? Tell the story.

Read John 6: 5-14

1.    What are the seven signs in the gospel of John? Why did John record them?

2.    Why did Jesus talk about money more than faith, prayer, heaven and hell combined?
     a.    Is God’s plan for your finances about what He can get from you or what He has for you? Discuss.

3.    Would you trust a baby sitter with your kids, but not your bank card?
     a.    Would you trust God with your eternal destiny but not your finances?

4.    What kind of person pays a widow $5000 for a $2500 horse trailer?

5.    John 6:35 is the reason we have church. Discuss.

6.    Trusting God to be financially faithful starts with a recognition of ownership. Discuss with reference to
        Romans 11:36.

7.    How many people did Jesus feed that day? Why are only the men counted?

8.    You can give without loving, but you can’t love without giving. Discuss in light of John 3:16.

9.    How did Jesus give, according to Hebrews 12:2?

10.    Does Malachi 3:10 seem like a crappy deal to you?


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