July 13th
Small Group Study

Ice breaker: Have you ever hung out with anyone who wants something from you instead of wanting a relationship with you?
1. Discuss John 20:31
2. What is the first sign in the book of John?
3. What’s the second?
4. Three ways we can approach Jesus:
       i. Jesus is my home boy:
1. When we see Him this way, we think Jesus needs to “know His place”.  Discuss.
      ii. Jesus is my hired help.
              1. Phenomenal cosmic power…. ______
              2. When you see Jesus as your hired help, what do you think His job is?
     iii. Jesus is my Hope:
              1. Why did this royal official travel to see Jesus before he believed in Him?
              2. Why did this royal official believe in Jesus AFTER He already healed his son?
5.    Is God asking you to make a leap of faith?

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