July 6
Small Group Study

Ice Breaker:
How much do you think these logos add to the price of shoes or clothes or accesories?


1.    What does the word “gospel” mean?  Discuss.
2.    What was the main focus of John’s gospel? See John 20:31.
3.    Read John 2: 1-11:
     a.     Jesus loved unlovable people.  Do you?
     b.    Jesus liked people who were nothing like Him.  And people who were nothing like Jesus really liked
            Him.  Why?
     c.    Discuss Ephesians 6:12.  It’s pretty easy to forget that, isn’t it?
     d.    Why was it a big deal in that culture to run out of wine at a reception?
     e.    When Jesus turned the water into wine, He saved this couple from being labeled for the rest of their
            lives.  In what way is this miracle, the first recorded miracle of Jesus, symbolic of a greater miracle?
          i.    What does the wine represent?
         ii.    Who else does Jesus save from being labeled?
        iii.    What is the new label Jesus gives you?
     f.     John 2:4: “Woman, why do you involve me?” Jesus replied. “My hour has not yet come.”
            Does this seem like a rude response for Jesus to make to His mom?  What’s He really getting at here?
     g.    How are we saved?  (See Romans 10:9).
     h.    Describe “To the Brim” obedience.  How is it illustrated by this story?
     i.    Do you have an example of how this kind of obedience led to blessing in your life?
     j.    Jesus said salvation is through His blood, not sweat and tears.  Explain.

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