Culture Clash - Week Four
Small Group Study


     1. (If your kids are grade 6-12) Are your kids going to the Youth Retreat? If no, why not? What needs to happen to
         get them to go?
     2. Why is it important to quit acting like things (divorce, broken relationships etc.) don’t bother us when they clearly
     3. What part of the sermon stood out the most to you?
     4. Counselors would be out of work if spouses just loved each other and loved their kids. Do you agree with that
         statement? Why or why not?
     5. Parents:
          - Why is it important for you to take ownership of your mistakes rather than make excuses?
          - You never stop being your kid’s parent. How should this impact your relationship with your kids?
          - Have you forgiven your ex? Do you have a tendency to trash talk your ex and use your kids to get back at your
            ex? If so, how can you change this?
          - Is there anything you need to do in order to make your family relationships right again?

     6. Kids:
          - Do you realize your parents’ divorce is not your fault? Have you quit blaming yourself for it? if no, how do you
            plan to?
          - Have you forgiven your parents for the divorce? If no, when do you plan to?
          - Moving forward from your parents’ divorce has more to do with you giving your hurt to Jesus than it does
            getting anything from your parents. Have you given your hurt from your parents’ divorce to Jesus?
          - Your parents’ divorce doesn’t have to be a reason to suck at life. Why is that?

     7. Even if you are not divorced or don’t come from a family of divorce what can you take away from the sermon
         preached on Sunday?




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