Culture Clash - Week Three
Small Group Study

Ice Breaker: Sex sells. Examples?

     1. What is the “clash” in culture clash? (See John 10:10)

     2. Who thought up sex?

     3. Is sex part of God’s plan?

     4. We misunderstand sex three ways in our culture:
          i. Sex is bigger than you think:
               1. Paul referred to sex as becoming “one flesh”. This was not just a biological statement. Discuss.
               2. God created a context for sex. What is it?
               3. Sex in marriage is like fire in a fire place. What does it do for a marriage?
               4. Sex outside of marriage is destructive. Examples?
               5. If you treat sex as merely physical, you’re fooling yourself. Have you seen that play out in your life before?

         ii. Sex is smaller than you think:
               1. Sex is a gift from God, yet there are those who worship the GIFT rather than the giver. Where does this
               2. Do you know that only God can finally, fully satisfy you? Have you given your life to Him through Jesus?

         iii. Sex is different that you think:
               1. Men and women think differently about sex:
                    a. Some say men use love to get sex and women use sex to get love. Discuss.
                    b. In marriage men need intimacy inside the bedroom to feel connected to their wives outside the
                         i. Is this true from your experience? Discuss.
                    c. Sex profoundly effects how a man feels about:
                         i. Himself (his ability to overcome and achieve and provide and thrive). Discuss.
                        ii. His spouse. Discuss.
                       iii. His marriage. (is it duty or delight?)
                    d. In marriage, women need intimacy outside the bedroom to feel connected to their husbands inside the
                         i. Is that true from your experience? Discuss.
                        ii. Are you a husband willing to “go the extra mile” for your wife? (See Matthew 5:41).  
                       iii. Men’s sex drive is in part an incentive to go the extra mile…porn short circuits that. Discuss.
                       iv. If you’ve messed up in the area of sex in the past, does that mean you’re broken beyond repair? See
                           2 Cor. 5:17.
                        v. Have you truly grasped God’s forgiveness for your past, as you move into building a great future? 
                           See Psalm 103:12.



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