Life 101 – Week 1
January 5th Small Group Study

Ice Breaker:  “If you blink you’ll miss it”.  Give two examples from your own experience: one chronological and one geographical.

1.    Give your small group one highlight and one low light from 2013.  You only get a total of three minutes though!  

2.    James, chapter 4: 14 says: “What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.”


3.    Three possible responses you’ll have to the seven steps in this series:
i.    You’re going to want to get mad
ii.    You’re going to want to stop at good intentions
iii.    You’re going to want to give up.
Which one are you most likely to have?

4.    What is the most important question you can ask when you’re angry?  Answer in light of John 8:32.

5.    Why is it ungrateful to minimize the sin of our past?  

6.    Direction, not intention, determines destination.  Discuss.

a.    Have you ever found that intending to do something is easier than actually doing it?  Give an example?

7.    Read Joshua 6: 1-20.
a.    Why didn’t God just knock the wall down right away?
b.    Do you think the soldiers were tempted to end at lap 6?
c.    Have you ever seen anyone stop at lap 6?
d.    Ever seen Finding Nemo?  Dori has no memory…..maybe that helps her persevere.  Discuss in light of Philippians 3: 12-16.   How can perseverance be pre-empted by your past:
i.    Defeats?
ii.    Glory days?
e.    What is Dori’s main line in finding Nemo?  How might it apply to you today?
f.    Is God able to bring you through whatever He’s called you to? How do you know?  (hint: what are some promises God gives us in the Bible?)


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