Culture Clash - Week One
Small Group Study

Ice breaker: How was your holiday season?  

Read Genesis 24 – the story of Isaac and Rebekah

1. Single people sometimes say, “I’m just looking for a cool guy/girl” to date”. Ok, here’s what’s cool:
     a. Family is cool:
          i. Is your family trustworthy?
               1. Do you listen to them in terms of relational advice?
         ii. Dads, do you protect your daughters?
               1. What are your rules when it comes to dating?
               2. What two rules did pastor Mike share on Sunday?
                    a. High school dating is ridiculous, because its about getting, not giving.  Discuss.
                    b. No young man should be allowed to date a young woman without talking to her dad for three reasons:
                         i. It weeds out losers.  (See 2 Timothy 1:7)  Discuss.
                        ii. It allows the father to get to know the young man.  Discuss.
                       iii. It reminds the boy that this young woman has a protector.
        iii. If your family isn’t around, or isn’t to be trusted, do you listen to the people in your small group/ on your
            serving team when it comes to relationships?  If you aren’t currently serving at the church, when will you start?

     b. Kindness is cool.  
          i. What is ten camel kindness?
         ii. If a person is not kind during dating, why in the world would we expect them to be kind in marriage?

     c. Purity is cool:
          i. Guys who surf porn or being trained to lust instead of love. Discuss in light of:    
               1. Women as a means to an end.
               2. Women as objects.
               3. Women to GET something from rather than GIVE something to.
         ii. Girls addicted to romance are being trained to lust instead of love. Discuss in light of:
               1. Men as a means to a romantic ideal.
               2. Relationship as idealized.
               3. Unwilling to work at real life issues.
        iii. Are you willing to work on your purity, or are you going to continue to train yourself how to lust instead of love?

     d. Maturity is cool. Three mature thoughts:
          i. You don’t belong to you. (See 1 Cor. 6: 19-20). You were saved for a purpose. What is that purpose? (Hint: 
            Mission and vision of this church are your mission and vision also)
               1. Do you look at who you would date in terms of who would help you pursue your mission?  If not, why not?
         ii. The person you want to date doesn’t belong to you.  
               1. Psalm 37:4 says God gives good gifts to His children. Are you a good gift that God would like to bless
                  someone with?

2. Are you the kind of person the person you are looking for is looking for?
        iii. Your future children don’t belong to you:

3. Your kids are your legacy. Do you look at people you date in terms of what kind of parent they would make? If not,
    why in the world wouldn’t you?


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