How to give online:

  1. Click the "GIVE ONLINE NOW" button on the image above, or the "GIVE BOLDLY HERE" button that immediately follows this how-to guide.
  2. Sign in! Enter your email or number and your password. Don't have an account? Sign up!
  3. Once you're signed in, click the drop down list and choose "BOLD" from the giving options.
  4. Complete your "Bank Card Information" and your "Billing Address".
  5. Click "Continue"
  6. Review your contribution information, and then click "Process Payment" to submit your financial gift.

six steps towards deciding how much to give:

Your financial commitment to BOLD should be based on meaningful spiritual reflection on how God may be leading you to invest in the mission of the church.                                     In this season, take the time to…

Engage in the Spiritual Journey. September 13th, 2015, we will begin a 21 day spiritual journey that we’re asking everyone to take. Take time every day for 21 days to read the
devotional, spend time with God to prepare you to pray, invite and give more boldy than ever before. As you move through the spiritual journey, follow the next five steps below.

Pray. Seek God’s guidance, asking Him to renew your heart for the church and for those far from God, and to lead your decisions.

Listen. As you read through the materials and listen to the messages, which aspects of BOLD resonate with you? What elements are you especially passionate about? Which biblical texts have been especially meaningful or challenging to you? What do you sense God saying to you about your walk with Him, about stewardship, and about your relationship to your church?

Discuss. Talk to your spouse and/or other family members to see how God may be confirming your sense of direction. Talk to trusted friends and leaders at Southside to learn from their
stewardship journeys.

Consider. What is your capability and potential for giving? Think beyond your current income. Do you have non-income assets that could be gifted? Is there a sacrifice the Lord
might be calling you to make?

Commit. Develop a personal giving plan—weekly, monthly, annually, one-time, or a combination of these - for the two years that will enable you to reach your giving goals.

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