Baptism Sunday
Small Group Study

Ice Breaker: What was your wedding like? What was the best, and worst part of that day?

As Christians, why do we need to get baptized?

Read Acts 8:12

Read Mathew 28:19-20

It is clear that there are not extra steps that need to take place before baptism. Why then do we hesitate when God is clear in his plans for us?

Read Luke 22:42-44

What example does Jesus give us in His prayer to God?

How can we use this example when God calls us to do something that takes us out of our comfort zone?

What are some of the outcomes when we listen to God?


What is next for you? Have you been baptized? What are some next steps that would help you grow?

What are some things you, or your group, could do to get people new to Southside plugged in?

Read John 14:6

Take some time and share when Jesus met you face to face.

Dave Poole


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