We’ve committed $50,000 to make our community a little brighter this year!

Christmas Hampers: help fund Christmas Hampers, filled to the brim with gifts and food for children and families in need. This year, Hampers will prepared for:

  1. Single parents in our church family

  2. Moms and babies through the Chilliwack Pregnancy Care Centre

  3. Kids and families in need at the Sts’ailes Community School (and we’re throwing the whole school a Christmas party too!)

The Sunshine Fund: As many of you know, Southside’s very own Maddie Hardie is battling cancer and we have seen first hand the kind of financial pressures that affect the families and loved ones of the person battling a critical illness.

We want to help. We are going to partner with personnel in Fraser Health in order to help families most in need who are affected by critical illness. This Christmas, we are committing $20,000 so that we can bring some of that sunshine into other families who are facing similar battles.



We’ll contact your about your serving options when more info is released!

Fueled Up: We want to bless and encourage single parents in our church and our community by filling up their gas tanks and detailing their cars. We hope to help these heroes by taking one thing off their plates and budgets this Christmas!

Clean Up Crew: Last year, our crew picked up a record-breaking 4,410 pounds of garbage from our community.You can sign up to join a crew that is going to physically make our beautiful city brighter by cleaning up Chilliwack together!

Southside Youth: We’re working on a project especially for students in grades 6-12 to get involved in! Stay tuned for more details…

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