BOLD 21 Day Devotional

welcome to the spiritual journey that we are going to take together.

This BOLD campaign is more than a way to raise money.  It is a journey of faith that we are embarking on together.  Raising a million dollars isn’t the end game.  The end game is a deeper trust and a deeper level of sacrifice and commitment to Jesus than we have ever had before.  As we unite together to meet our goal to put a permanent stake in the ground for the Kingdom of God, we are going to be stretched and changed and blessed beyond our wildest expectations.

In order for this 21 Days to be everything God wants it to be in your life, consider making the following commitments:

1)      Attend church every Sunday

2)      Set aside time to read the Scriptures and devotionals every day

3)      Choose something to “fast” for the 21 Day period.  Fasting is a way we can open our spiritual eyes and ears by closing our physical ones.  Fasting is usually associated with denying ourselves food, and that is certainly an option if you feel God is leading you this way, but it can also involve denying ourselves other pleasures and indulgences for a period of time.  This might involve shopping, eating out, consuming “junk” food, media use, or any other indulgence you commonly partake in. By saying “no” to yourself for a period of time, you are saying “yes” to God.  “Yes” to Him speaking to you, changing you, and growing you.  Pray and ask God what He would have you give up for the next 21 Days as you focus on Him.

4)      Pray every day for God to show you the sacrifice He is calling you to make during this BOLD Campaign.  Pray that together we would meet (or exceed!) our goal of 1 million dollars over the next two years, and that in the process, our faith would deepen and our trust would grow as we take our Next Step together!

It’s time to GET BOLD Southside Church!

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