the time is NOW for a bolder vision

dream for a moment...

What would it look like for a church to truly, boldly embrace the mission in front of us?

What would happen if people prayed more boldly, invited more boldly, and gave more boldly than ever before?

What would happen to us, our families, our friends and our neighbours?

What would happen to our city?


Why should I give?

Join us for the BOLD sermon series throughout the fall of 2015 and we'll share all the reasons. But, put simply, there are two very compelling reasons:

1. When you give, you grow.

2. You're not just writing a cheque, you're writing a story.  

You have a chance to invest your money in something money cannot buy - people's eternities. As we sacrifice together, we will see the kingdom of God advance -

One Life, One Story at a Time.

For more details and information, click here to read our full-text campaign booklet online now:

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