We are a group of ordinary world changers, with a BOLD vision.

In September of 2015, we launched a two year BOLD Capital Campaign with the Commitment Goal of 1 million dollars. To date, the generous people of our church have pledged over 1.5 million dollars, and that number keeps growing as more ordinary world changers take their next steps. These funds will be allocated towards real estate for a permanent facility, with plans to leverage the construction of a building with an irresistible environment. Our plan is to construct a building that seats 1000 people comfortably, with space for 200 Southside Kids.


We have seen

  • 841 people commit their lives to Jesus in the last 3 years.
  • 413 people take their next step of Baptism in the last 5 years
  • $700,000 go to facilitate our Free School Project.
  • A 175% increase in our annual budget in the last 5 years, as more Southsiders get behind our Mission to reach Chilliwack for Jesus.
  • A 75% increase in Sunday Service attendance in the last 3 years.

the time is now

Here are the challenges the BOLD campaign will help us overcome:

  • Extremely high rental costs - $100,000 to rent Sardis Secondary and other facilities every year.
  • Limited seating and parking at Sardis Secondary.
  • Southside Youth, Freedom Session, Southside Interns and our Campus Groups are all limited due to space restrictions at the Hangar.


  • More seats means more people hearing about Jesus! A larger facility will facilitate continued growth.
  • A permanent facility will mean that, for generations to come, Southside Church will exist to reach people far from God.
  • A church is a family and a family needs a home! A permanent facility will create an environments for people of all ages to feel welcomed and connected.

For full-text PDF of our Campaign Booklet, click here: 

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