Becoming Human

a sunday sermon series from southside church

Sunday Mornings / 8:00, 9:30 & 11:00am / Sardis Secondary School

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Becoming Human: I Dare You

"It is easier to give in to fit in, than to stand out and be left out."


Becoming Human: Looking For An Out

"We're looking for an OUT of our human nature, but God entered IN."

Speaker: Pauline Pauls

Becoming Human: Remember Who You Are

"The most spiritual, God-honouring thing you will ever do is the hard work of becoming exactly who you were created to be."

Speaker: Corinne Mannes

Becoming Human: Purpose in Pain

“God will allow you to go places you never wanted to go to become someone you didn’t know you could be.”

Speaker: Nathan Artt

Becoming Human: Mountains or Valleys

"God, your past performance is absolutely a predictor of the things you CAN do today and WILL do tomorrow."

Speaker: George Franco

Becoming Human: Find your ‘Why’

"My mind was made up -I had nothing to live for. And here, through the darkness and clutter of my fallen mind I heard the voice of my God. My God that had every hair on my head numbered since I was a kid. My God that believed in me, even then, in my darkest hour.

Speaker: Lucas Mannes

Becoming Human: Another in the Fire

"And it is this light: friends who stand by us and a God who won’t leave us, shining into all the dark corners that warms us and helps us grow. It is this light, shining through all the cracks, that chases out fear and brings us hope.”

Speaker: Maddie Hardie

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