316 - Part 7 - 1 John 3:16

August 18 - Group Study Guide

Ice breaker:    Have you ever been lost?  Tell the story.
1.     Why does John refer to himself as the “disciple Jesus loved”?

2.     Why does Rick Warren say that if more Christians memorized and lived out 1John 3:16 the world would change?

3.     After reading 1 John 3:16, what would you say is John’s definition of love?

4.     Love, if just a word, is meaningless.  Discuss.

5.     Three groups Jesus came for:
         a.     The overlooked (poor, crippled, blind and lame)
                  i.     Without Jesus, we are all spiritually poor.  In fact, our sin has incurred a debt for us that we can never repay.  How did Jesus pay our debt?
          b.     The lost
                  i.     Luke 15 says without Jesus we are all lost.  He came to bring us home.  We lose our way for a variety of reasons.  Discuss in light of Luke 15.
          c.     The dead
                  i.     The problem with dead people is they can’t change.  Have you ever felt like you wanted to change, but couldn’t?  The Bible says that when we commit our lives to Jesus the same power that raised Him from the dead gives us the power to change.  Has that played out in your life?  Discuss.

6.     Jesus love frees us to love the world instead of lust the world.
          a.     When we realize that our wholeness and completion are met in Jesus, we are free to look at the world in terms of what we can give rather than what we can get.  How would this play out:
                  i.     At work
                  ii.     With your neighbor
                  iii.     With your kids
                  iv.     With your parents
                  v.     With your spouse.

7.     Do you live your life to give, or to get?  Examples?

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