Long Shot – Week 1

Ice Breaker:  

1.    What is the double meaning behind the title of this series?

2.    Please open your Bibles up to 1 Samuel 16:

     a.    IN verse 1, God says to Samuel, “It’s time to move on”.
          i.    Are there areas in your life in which you’ve fallen in love with the familiar? How might God be calling
                you to move on?
     b.    In verse 2, Samuel gets hung up on the “how”.  God has told him to take a step of obedience, but
            Samuel argues.
          i.    When God asks you to take a step, have you ever found yourself arguing?  Hung up on the “how”?  Discuss.
1.    What is God’s answer as written in Isaiah 52:12?

God gives you the means for your mission

     c.    In the OT, an anointing was a:
          i.    Declaration.  Discuss.
         ii.    Promise.  Discuss.
     d.    What (Who) did Jesus promise in John 14:15 would be our anointing today?
     e.    Verse 6.  What do you think Eliab looked like?
          i.    Did God care?

God notices the unnoticed

     f.    Verse 11.  Why in the world was David not invited to the party?
     g.    I think God was making a statement when He had Samuel call David in from the field.
          i.    The least visible can be the most valuable. Discuss.
         ii.    The least noticed can be the most important.  Discuss.

God empowers the everyday

     h.    After David was anointed as the next king, what did he do first?  See verse 19b.
          i.    Why did God send David back to the pasture?
1.    “Just do what you do”…Discuss.
2.    “The separation is in the preparation”…Discuss.
     a.    The field prepares you for the fight
     b.    The pasture prepares you for the palace.
     c.    The thistles prepare you for the throne.


     i.    Read 2 Timothy 2:15.  Do you understand that God already approves you?
     j.    How would your life be different if you realized that you have nothing to prove and only ONE to
     k.    You’re not trying out, you’re just living out the victory already won.  Discuss in light of Romans 8:11.


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