Small Group Study

Ice Breaker: Have you ever stuck your foot in your mouth?  Share the story!

1.    Read John 21: 1-17  
     a.    The two weeks before this scene the world changed completely….how?
     b.    Who did the Jewish leaders think God loved?  Who did Jesus say God loved?  Why did this difference
            in opinion threaten the Jewish leaders so much?
          i.    What was their plan to get rid of Jesus?
         ii.    Who did they hire to betray Jesus?
     c.    Read Luke 5: 1-11.  Do you think Jesus’ choice for the setting of John 21 was intentional?  Why would
            this location have so much meaning for Peter?
     d.    Talk about some of the highlights of Peter’s three years of following Jesus?
     e.    What were some low lights?
     f.     Why is Peter back to “fishing for fish” in John 21?
          i.    Peter believed in Jesus.  But he was convinced that Jesus didn’t believe in him.  Discuss.
     g.    According to John 21, the other disciples still looked to Peter for leadership.  Are there people in your
            life who look to you to lead?
     h.    Assuming Jesus knew they had no fish, why did He ask them the question in John 21:5?
     i.    Have there been times in your life when something else besides Jesus has been your central pursuit? 
           How did it end up?
     j.    Do you see the kindness of Christ in verse 6—in the method He used to call Peter back?  How has
           Jesus shown kindness to you in your life?
     k.    Peter is impulsive!  Sometimes it’s good, and sometimes it’s bad.  Verse 7 is a good example of “good
            impulsive”.  Are there areas of your life today where you’re holding back, and God is calling you to
           “impulsively” jump in?
         l.    Describe the conversation between Peter and Jesus around the fire in verses 15-17.  At the end,
               Peter is humbled, but back in the game!  Is there an area of your life where you need to humble
               yourself to see God’s strength play out?
     m.    Peter was never the same after John 21.  Discuss in light of:
          i.    Pentecost
         ii.    Spreading the church
        iii.    His death


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