Small Group Study!
The Restorer - Week 2


Ice Breaker:  If you HAD to live in another part of the world, where would you choose and why?

1.    What does it mean to take Easter from the historical to the personal?

2.    Turn to Luke 15.  What makes Luke 15 unique among all 89 of the chapters in the gospels?

3.    In the story of the lost coin, is it the fault of the coin that it got lost?

     a.    Do you know people who have lost their way in life and it was mainly the fault of others?
     b.    What is the attitude this woman has towards her lost coin?
          i.    How important does she seem to find this coin?
         ii.    How serious is she about finding it?
        iii.    What is her response when the lost coin is found?

4.    In the story of the lost sheep, we see that a sheep in its ignorance, got led astray.
     a.    Do you know people who have lost their way because they’ve been led astray?  Has it happened to
     b.    What is the attitude of the shepherd towards his lost sheep?
          i.    How important does he see this one lost sheep?
         ii.    How serious is he about finding it?
        iii.    What is his response when the lost sheep is found?

5.    Why did the “lost son” get lost?
     a.    Do you know people who have got lost because of their own greed, pride, rebellion or lust?  Has it
            happened to you?
     b.    In verse 13, we see that the son heads for a “far off, distant country”.  Why is it a warning sign in
            someone’s life when you see them despise the familiar?
     c.    What happens when people jump from church to church instead of staying, serving, learning?
     d.    Verse 17 says the young man “came to his senses”.  When did you come to your senses?
     e.    Why was heading home for this boy a move of desperation?  An extreme long shot?  What response
            would probably have been waiting for him?
     f.    Why should this parable be called the story of the Father who runs?
     g.    What is significant about the robe, and the ring and the sandals that the father places on his son?

6.    Who are you praying for and inviting to the Easter Service this year?


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