Why enough will never be enough

As we leave summer behind us and look toward fall, let’s not forget what we learned this summer from the life of Solomon, “The Prodigal King”.

The Prodigal King knew what it meant to have it all. He was the richest man in the world (perhaps the richest in history).  His wallet, his stomach and his bed were full;  So why did he feel so empty?

Some people hit rock bottom, but not the Prodigal King—he hit rock top.  At the end of his life he had come to this conclusion:  If you make the primary pursuit of your life ANYTHING under the sun, even if you get EVERYTHING, enough is never going to be enough.

The Prodigal King is like an ancient folk singer—pointing the people to this truth: you’re going to serve SOMEBODY or SOMETHING and if you want to be finally fully satisfied, that SOMEONE needs to be God. Fear God and do what He says.  God is the more you’ve been looking for.

So as the leaves start thinking of leaving the trees, let’s decide that we are going to learn from this Prodigal King who had everything under the sun—and found it deeply inadequate.  The stuff this world has to offer will never satisfy.  Instead of pursuing everything “under the sun”, let’s choose the road less traveled.  Let’s fear God and do what He says.  He is our maker, our father and our judge. We choose to live by his owner’s manual because he made us.  He knows what makes us tick and what we need to do to live a full life.  We choose to live the life He has mapped out for us because He’s our father and loves to give us good things.  And ultimately, when we reach the end of our earthly lives, His opinion is going to be the only one that matters.

So thanks, Prodigal King, for figuring out for us, thousands of years ago in a distant land, that we can skip the empty, fruitless of pursuit of everything “under the sun” and instead, find the MORE we’ve been looking for in God’s son.

- Pastor Mike