The Southside Haiti Free School Project needs you.

AUGUST 2016 update

Summer is half over.  School supplies are filling up the aisles of every store we walk into, even though heading back to school is the last thing kids want to think about!  In Haiti, heading to school is a dream that, for many children, will never become a reality.  Education is the way out of the cycle of poverty they and their families are stuck in but the cost of going to school puts it hopelessly out of reach for millions of Haitian children.

Enter The Haiti Free School Project.  10 years ago, Pastor Mike and a group of young adults asked a Haitian pastor in a small town called Mirebalais why there were so many children hanging around during school hours.  This pastor was a man who had a passion for that very thing—helping the poorest of the poor in his community get an education.  But he had no way to fund that dream.  This God-ordained connection led to the birth of The Haiti Free School Project that today feeds and educates over 400 children. Their dream of breaking the cycle of poverty has become a reality.

This school is funded entirely by Southsiders like you. 

So as you walk down the aisles of school supplies, remember the poorest of the poor in Mirebalais, Haiti and ask yourself if you can get involved.  40 dollars a month is all it takes to provide a hot meal and an education for one student at the Free school.  40 dollars a month is the cost of a one-way ticket out of poverty to a brighter future.  Get on board today!


To become a sponsor, or learn more about the project, visit or drop by the Haiti table at Southside Church this Sunday, located at Sardis Secondary School at 8:30, 10:00 & 11:30 am each week.