The 101 Day Tithing Challenge is really simple.  Tithe for 101 days—put God first in your finances by giving to the church 10 percent of your income for 101 days.  We are so convinced that God will bless you, not only by providing for all your needs, but also with a greater sense of peace and confidence and security and joy, that if at the end of the 101 days you don’t feel like God has fulfilled His promise (Malachi 3:10), we’ll give it all back.  You read that right. We are so sure that we can’t outgive God and that He is faithful to keep His promises, that if you don’t see God’s blessing during the 101 Day Tithing Challenge that we will give it all back!

Let us know you're taking the 101 Day Tithing Challenge. We'd love to send you some resources to help & encourage you.

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